Saturday, July 19, 2014

Boston Eats: Late Night Price Fix at Craigie on Main

Eric and I went to Craigie in 2013 for our fancy birthday meal - and when Britt was coming, it seemed like a great idea to take advantage of their Sunday Evening price fix called "Chef's Whim."  At a cost of $57 for six courses, the final bill for the two of us was $180, which is definitely not cheap, but absolutely worth it.

Change of Habit - rhum agricole, sour cherry, aperol, mole bitters

Thrilled with her lobster!

amuse bouche
smoked trout rillette with trout roe

first course
red leaf lettuce, thinly shaved beets, cucumber and carrot with goat cheese and foie gras

second course
roasted lobster with mint, cilantro and jalapeƱo puree

third course
goat sausage ragu with roasted zucchini and yellow squash with goat feta and harissa

fourth course
beef sirloin with fennel puree, beef tongue, and roasted cauliflower

fifth course
champagne zabaione with champagne grapes and red currants

sixth course
(Britt) vanilla saffron pudding with poached apricots, apricot sorbet, apricot glaze, and sourdough crouton
(me) profiteroles with chocolate ice cream, cherry sorbet, and caramel sauce

When I found out she was wearing black with a chunky silver necklace, I thought hey...I can do that! 

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