Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park!

The perfect day dawned....sunny, not too hot, and not too humid.  It was time for baseball!

The Citgo Sign, one side of the river.

Eric has only been to Boston in the dreary days of March, so this year, he thought we'd do something different...and lo and behold, the Twins were playing the week of Midsommar!  Obviously, a trip had to happen.

Green Monstah.

Our seats were awesome. 

Things I did not know before this game:  Joe Mauer now plays first base. 

It only cost $14.50!  (kidding.  More like $9.50....which is still crazy).

delete above here

We were so close...we got a home run!  ...and then so did David Ortiz.  Womp-womp.  We were still happy. 

Walk-off!  We went into extra innings, and then they hit a home run (again) --- so it was over! 

Citgo sign, the other side of the river

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