Saturday, September 11, 2010

annual summer Chicago trip!

a day late, but the perfect thing to do after a long day of lab and bbqing....

[watch out for the dangerous Lake! it's scary!]

[me in Lake Michigan]

[the beautiful view of the coast up Lake Michigan]

[the bean!]

[designed by a woman architect who was a bit annoyed at the phallic nature of most skyscrapers. use your imagination to figure out what this building is...]

[lunch at Puck's in the Museum of Contemporary Art]

[giant log mobile at the MCA]


[art. pig petit fours?]

[pigs! still art.]

[art in the everyday]

[a wall of plastic flowers painstakingly sewn together to form a long sheet]

[pyramid and glass art]


[Mahler concert at the Pritzker Pavillion]

[storm's a comin'!]

[at the races!]

[hot and happy]

[the horses! they're coming!]

[but one convertible ride later (my first ever!) ---and I had to leave. Next summer, Chicago]

1 comment:

Rick L said...

That is a fantastic outdoor performance pavilion! And, yes, pigs can be art--my father would certainly defend that.