Sunday, September 12, 2010


I want to go back, to be under the biggest sky I've ever seen, just being alive. Next summer. Oh yes.

[after-dinner fishing]

[my brother boy scout pyro extraordinaire]

[downtown Walker; can you see the pelican?]

[whoever said lakes can't give oceans a run for their money has never been to northern Minnesota]

[public dock, Walker, MN]



[chapel turned thrift store]

[Lucette, Paul Bunyan's paramour, standing, er, tall, in Hackensack]

[my friend Dave, the Backus, MN butcher]

[setting up the fire]

[fairy ring predicts good fortune]

[sunset at the dock]

[around the firepit at dusk]


[what a beautiful place]

[the dog, cool and happy]

PS Did you know that Peeps made the most perfect roasted marshmallows? The sugar coating caramelizes, leaving you with an almost hard crust that gives way to ooey gooeyness inside. Poor man's creme brulee, if you will.

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