Monday, September 13, 2010


[blast from the past, ha]

Kitchen is so not clean. Table is littered with papers. Bed is completely mussed. But all are signs of a new cadre of girls, taking up my time, sitting on my bed and talking, and I love it. My home is a home again.

Speaking of---I got a four month calender white board from the reuse listserve and had it put up next to my door! The absolute nerdery of a four month calender, wow. I also just had to order four different fine tipped white board markers to go with it (I know, I know, give a Bridget a whiteboard...if I'm not careful this logic will end up with me buying something really ridiculous, like a TV because the girls want to watch Glee. Whoops. Too late.)

And now that I have a bike helmet, I am so taking Boston by storm. Or JP thrift stores. Probably the latter. Bee-utiful.

Okay--I am off to deliver muffins--cinnamon pecan this week! And then try and make some semblance of clean in this place. Ha.

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muffin said...

cute picture! you should submit it to the threadless site