Thursday, September 9, 2010

summer reads and distractions

I've been watching quite a bit of Miss Marple this summer (thanks PBS!) -- they're set in post-war Britain, and just fantastic. If you like mysteries or period films, they are definitely your kind of thing.

PBS also has been wrapping up the Agatha Christie series with Hercule Poirot, and David Suchet's portrayal (and his costar mustache) are worth watching.

As far as reading goes, I just finished a book called "The House at Riverton" ---which I'm pretty sure is destined to be a movie. It screams screenplay, with the narrator telling the story from a nursing home, in and out of consciousness---the story of a suicide of a young writer in a very wealthy affluent home.

Next up is reading Little House on the Prairie---I found a mint condition set of all the books at the thrift store last weekend, all with most stunning baby blue colors:

Ah to be back to the days of pig bladder ball games and Almanzo Wilder. What a gentleman cowboy.

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