Sunday, September 5, 2010

the weddin'

(a post that was mistakenly left behind --today is a beautiful day of a breezy apartment, lots of cooking, and catching up on this blogging thing that I do so love)

I sang "Fishin' in the Dark" with a bunch of girls I hardly knew (thank god country lyrics are predictable and memorable, even when slightly inebriated). And I just found out...that it is a song by ---wait for it---Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Oh my god ridiculous.

Similar to the Ballmer Peak, my brother and I both enjoyed the slamming moves that come with a tidge of the Honeyweiss...although let's be serious, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get to 0.14 if I tried.

I stuck to my grandma's rules of engagement and high-class behavior and stayed in my heels all night, sensibly wearing wedges to avoid the barefeet on a sometimes-slippery from spilled beer dance floor...and we were home by midnight.

And the wedding itself? Wonderful. A gorgeous bride, some heartfelt toasts, a family just getting ready to be started. I hope I'm that lucky someday.

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