Saturday, September 25, 2010

Barney Frank and I have something in common.

Both of us have been accosted by this woman here:

Remember her?  She's the one with the Hitler mustachio'd (mustached? mustache-ed?) Obama at a Town Hall this past August.  She is a member of the LaRouche movement, which defines itself by several characteristics:

--Abandoning floating exchange rates and requiring countries to keep their currency within a few percent of that margin

--Increased federalized infrastructure projects

--National banking system and regulation

--Massive high speed railway across the Bering Strait

--implementing Verdi tuning in all classical music (normally, when you hear the tuning pitch, it's at A440 Hz, which tells you what wavelength the sound is...this guy apparently wants it to be 8 Hz lower and stay at A332.  Which is kind of nutty, in my opinion.)

--Mars Colonization in order to ensure "territorial diversification"

--Using directed energy beams to solve the crisis of AIDS

--A defense system composed of directed beam weapons against missiles

Now, I think the best part about all the Hitler stache.  How I am supposed to take you seriously when you obviously have something to say that is worthy of debate?  I could see that the sheets they were carrying were all about fiscal responsibility, and I totally completely tuned them out because of the way they approached this conversation.

"Would you like a..."

"Sorry, I'm not interested."

I go to wait for the chirps that signal the "Walk Now" cue at 77 Massachusetts Avenue, and suddenly someone comes up behind me.

"So.  Why exactly do you not want to talk to us?"

"Well, I completely support your right to be out here talking about what you will, but the posters are in extremely poor taste.  And that's why I don't want to talk to you."

"But Obama has been killing and murdering ever since he came to office!  His economic policies, the health care bill - murdering.  That's all."

---saved by the chirp, chirp, chirp---

I look back, shrug, and the guy next to me says, "Don't listen to them; they're nutters."  I sigh..."It's not that...I am so glad to live in a place where people like that aren't rounded up and shot; it's a testament to the first amendment rights of this country.  But that doesn't mean I have to listen to them."


So---the even funnier thing happened when I got to my office and looked up a little bit about the LaRouche Movement (printed on all of their signs).  Then I saw them implicated in that fantastic comeback where Barney Frank called a LaRouchite a dining room table.  Then I watched the video and thought "Wow.  I just met her."

And now she is now running against Barney Frank in the democratic primaries here.  Ridiculous.  Oh never cease to amaze me.


Rick L said...

I very much respect the dignity in your brush-off; it's far better than my blatant avoidance as I reply in German in an effort to dissuade them from further conversation. ...although that might only fuel the anti-nazi sentiment. Hmmm.

me said...

must admit, i'm reading your blog en masse this morning. and THIS is epic!!! wow. the hitler mustache lady.....