Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've known about the blog Missed Connections for some time now--an artist in New York City takes inspiration for her works of art from the missed connections page on Craigslist. Some of the messages people write...they're just incredible.

Now I come to find out that this sort of thing has been on for much longer than I thought. An article in the New York Times brings some of these advertisements to the general reading public:

"If the young lady wearing the pink dress, spotted fur cape and muff, had light hair, light complexion and blue eyes, who was in company with a lady dressed in black, that I passed about 5 o’clock on Friday evening in South Seventh Street, between First and Second, Williamsburg, L.I., will address a line to Waldo, Williamsburg Post Office, she will make the acquaintance of a fine young man.

Jan. 19, 1862"

"A young lady of 18, wealthy, pretty and agreeable, wants a husband. Not finding any one of her acquaintance who suits her, she has concluded to take this method of discovering one. The happy gentleman must be wealthy, stylish, handsome and fascinating. None other need apply. Address within three days, giving name and full particulars, and enclosing carte de visite, Carrie Howard, Station D, New York.

June 5, 1863"

"Liederkranz Ball — Beautiful young girl with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes under black mask and laughs like a siren: wore wine-colored satin domino, pearl headdress and jewelry; white camellias; waltzed like a fairy with tall Spanish gentleman; gentleman of high social reputation asks the liberty of an honorable introduction. Address Strictly Honorable, Herald uptown office.

Feb. 16, 1879"

I have never heard such classy classifieds.


Rick L said...

Do these ever work?

Bridget said...

Unclear. But they're romantic all the same.

sohail sheikh said...
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