Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Baking Challenge

February: Making my own mascarpone cheese and then using it to make homemade tiramisu.

I did it! From cheesecloth, to a beautiful new strainer, to adventures in milk heating (is it at 170ยบ yet? come on hurry up!)... I did it.

...but there are no pictures. Fail. I have such high hopes of being this great scientist yet underground food blogger, but it's not gonna happen. This apartment is lovely, but there is no light. Literally. yes. The mascarpone cheese worked, the ladyfingers looked like bloated planaria, the coffee brandy was the perfect alcoholic addition, and the creamy mascarpone layer just came together wonderfully.

I'm in the throes of hunting down paper for a photo box, and this may yet help my sojourn into cooking and sharing my successes. But feel free to ask my labmates what they thought of the finished project in the meantime!

Also, believe it or not, the Daring Kitchen Challenge this month was also tiramisu! This is the site that I modeled my own challenges on; trying to do new things in new ways. They're on a bit of a different level than I am, though...

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