Friday, February 12, 2010

Seasoning a cast iron skillet

I just bought a Lodge 12-inch skillet. Cast iron,'s pretty intense. One of my labmates is pretty much a cast iron skillet genius, so he came over to help me season it and make it all kinds of wonderful. We poured in half a gallon of peanut oil, attached the thermometer, and grabbed a lid (safety first! There's also a fire extinguisher right next to the sink, so we were about as prepared as we could be!).

We made the most bestest batter in the world (aka corn fritters from Dixie Crossroads), dropped it in to the hot oil, and watched it sizzle. We turned the beauties, let them rest on paper towels, and drenched in powdered sugar.

Life is good. (these will be made for my birthday celebration in March. =Excellent)

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Rick L said...

Hooray for succeeding! I feel so proud that I spoke to you as you bought the oil. Makes me feel a little included, as if I'm somehow still connected in your life and not as distant as I fear I am. Yippee.