Monday, February 22, 2010

waffle house

--My mom texted me this morning to let me know she was at Waffle House. Not fair, Mom. Not fair.

--Today was a full of lab, aligning DNA sequences, thinking more about my project, quick-changing some mutated sequences, prepping

--I also found this. Apparently taking biological concepts into song didn't end with Tom Lehrer.

--I stupidly took my vitamin about an hour after I ate. Three minutes later came a flurry of sneezes, dizziness, and a wave of nausea. It's an odd conglomeration of symptoms that seems to originate from a lack of movement in my stomach. The vitamin just plops down somewhere, begins to dissolve, and an extremely high local concentration of zinc ends up causing this visceral "get it out by any means necessary!" response. The best way to deal with it is eat I did. Three minutes later, I'm fine. Body, you make no sense.

--It feels like Minnesota in April right now in Boston; that idea that spring is almost here---but not really. I miss Minnesota during that time...I miss the lilacs in our yard most of all. That, and finally not having to wear two layers of sweatpants to sleep.

--On Saturday, some friends from lab met up at Blue Asia, a new restaurant in Allston. Clean, bright, and with happy-colored walls stenciled with bubbly Asian animated characters. I had the first ramen noodle soup I've had since high school (pretty sure I OD'd on the stuff inbetween speech and theater and homework...ugh). It was incredible. There was cheese, corn, broccoli, and a wonderful umami-without-tasting-fake deliciousness to it. And it was very fairly priced ($5.25 for a bowl that I couldn't finish). The other dishes were well-received by my friends, and we had a gigantic shaved ice concoction for dessert called "PS I love you" which probably had at least four cups of sugar in it. They also had a big screen turned on to Olympic coverage, which somewhat satiated my need for a tv. We saw lots of skiers wipe out, which is one of those "ohmygod I can't look but I can't take my eyes off it!" sort of situations.

--Giada just designed a line for Target, and there is a dutch oven! Le Creuset, she's giving you a run for my money, given that it is $90 vs your $300.
--I'm making the syrup for blood orange sorbet when I get home tomorrow night...mmm...

--Semlor were a success! I have a different recipe to try, then I figure I'll take the best of both and come up with the perfect semlor. And I'll be sure to make that one during the day so you all can have pictures of the process.

--I'm buying an INCREDIBLY large order of Guggisberg cheese tonight. Lucerne, Amish Butter, and Swiss...all coming to Boston for meeeeeeee (and lots of other people, too...never fear!)


Chris said...

OMGOMGOMG.... I know what you're talking about! Le Cresuset! Way to go target.... on the list :)

muffin said...

A dutch oven! Crazy, I recently found a recipe I want to try for collard greens and black eyed peas that requires a dutch oven. I found a Japanese one on that's nonstick and aluminum (odd for a dutch oven right?) and priced under $40 with shipping that got good reviews. But it can't go in the oven! Just on the stove. It's a great price, but do I really want a dutch oven that I can't put in the oven? Decisions, decisions...