Tuesday, February 9, 2010

some random thoughts

1. I gave blood again today, and I'm feeling a bit tired. So I had some chocolate, and now I not only feel tired, I feel sick to my stomach. I shoulda gone for the orange instead.

2. It is light out at 4:44 pm. Win.

3. SNOW. It's coming to Boston. This makes me thrillingly happy.

4. I have to do my taxes this weekend. That's right...my Valentine's Day date = IRS (well, and making the girls on my floor waffles. And muffins. And probably making something heart shaped. Just because it seems like the right thing to do).

But the whole stress-related seizures I experience practically at the mention of the phrase "tax season" --- my gosh. They need to go away. I need to be finished with them. And then eat lots of cake and frosting.

But the point is---actually paying taxes---the giving-the-government-money thing---I have no problem with it whatsoever. But at the same time, it's been making me oddly annoyed that this whole "financial crisis" thing doesn't really address the micro-side of it....as in, what can I do to help? What should I be doing to preserve my financial state for the future?

I'm not an economist. Nor are most Americans. But when we hear the words "we have to sacrifice for the good of the country" what does that exactly mean? I don't know directly how such-and-such tax bracket change and such-and-such administrative things impact me directly. And all the op-ed articles focus heavily on "what the US should do" but more from the position of government, as in "What should the government do?" I'm no fiscal libertarian, but if I was, I would ask, "If there were no government restrictions and no taxes and everyone was "responsible" what exactly would I be doing? What would be good for me and therefore good for the US as a whole?"

And there are definitely advice columns on what to do if you've lost your job...but there are definitely none on what to do if you are in a stable but low-paying job the next three-ish years and will come out of it with an advanced degree. No one has has advice on what to do or how to do it or why. Where is Mr. Bekemyer when you need him?

5. A couple people in my life are recovering from falls and/or crashes, and currently pretty miserable. Please keep them in your thoughts...

6. Tungsten is the heaviest element necessary for life in some bacteria. (This was found while trying to understand what exactly iodine has to do with biological life...forthcoming post on how cool this really is!)

7. Sometimes, my science works!


Anonymous said...

I've been watching all the snow you've been getting. How exciting is that? I love snow- we haven't gotten much here at all. *sigh*

Bridget said...

Unfortunately, Boston only received an inch...what a bummer.

Rick L said...

I realize I'm WAY after the fact, but I would love to address the fiscal libertarian curiosity. I'm a business student and feel I can speak quite well to this! GREAT topic.
Second, I'm sad that I don't actually have to file a tax return this year. Is that bad or odd?