Saturday, September 29, 2012

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I'm always astonished by the strange and random keywords people use to end up at this particular corner of the web...

sebulba always wins
grad school wardrobe 
101 dalmations dogs

My post about 101 Things To Do in Boston is my most popular, by far --- and for some reason, June 2010 is always in the top ten.  I keep trying to figure out why, but nothing comes to mind!

And in the August/September months, my posts about grad school tend to show up -- next year, I'm going to have to do some updating, I think, now that I'm old (experienced? jaded? realistic?).  For one, I've completely given up on having any sense of fashion.  I literally bought five pairs of Toms shoes to wear to lab simply because it's easier than shopping and searching, I know they will fit, and they don't click on linoleum floors.  Part of me can't wait for the day when my wardrobe can include heels again...sheesh. 

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