Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get-Together!

My brother's favorite "art" in the fine arts building.  It is sunflower seeds stuck into plaster.  Deep, man.

I love the colors in this one.

The booth for the Minnesotans United effort to combat the passing of a gay marriage ban.

I particularly liked the mama and baby loon.

Our new favorite secret spot to hang out.  A great perch for people-watching.

All booths are run by an army of teenagers, working incredible hours for 12 days in a row. 

Princess Kay of the Milky Way!  She's slowly being carved into a 90 pound block of butter.

Masses of people.

This ride broke two days in a row, leaving folks stranded up high for an hour each time.

"Pickle lip balm"

My brother's "favorite" weather forecaster.

Giant pumpkins!

This was giant cow one of three in the daily parade through the fairgrounds.

At our favorite spot

The agriculture building

The space needle

Brother and sister pose in front of large tall things and long arms up there takes a photo

Leaving the fair

I miss you already. 

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