Friday, September 14, 2012

State Fair Competitions

I love the sandwich cake. 

So. much. banana bread.

Beautiful jams

Bars.  (You pronounce it "barse" in Minnesota; and whenever I think about them, all I can think about is the beginning of Drop Dead Gorgeous...)

The winning random and cool collection was Christmas postcards featuring the Krampus, the evil  Christmas elf.  You'd think I was joking.  Nope.  Also winners in the random category (there must be a random category, right?) --- a giant jar of marbles.  There were also two giant felted old ladies in rocking chairs, a wooden kayak, model airplanes, scrapbook pages, and a shadowbox with some old keys.  I think I need to find something to enter one of these years. 

Creepy mannequin arms

The world, Lego-style

My brother loved the hippo (he is pretty cute, I think)

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