Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's the little things...

I have been relentlessly rating songs thumbs up and thumbs down on my "Call Me Maybe" pandora station, and now it plays the perfect mix of happy top 40 from the past fifteen years and wonderful big band-Frank Sinatra-Bing Crosby tunes (The Way You Look Tonight by Fred Astaire,  Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, Lights, by Ellie Goulding)  So worth my time.

I went to Sephora with a friend in search of a cherry scarlet fire engine red lipstick to wear to a concert and party at the French Consulate this Friday...and found this winner:

from Makeup Forever, Iconic Red No. 8

However.  Let's be clear, I am an absolute fail with makeup, and the fact that I have dry skin and lips made this stuff almost intolerable after an hour and a half of wear.  That, and the aquaphor I normally use for my lips is something the stain sort of dissolves into, and every time I put more on, my applicator finger would turn red.  Fail. 

But---it does turn your lips a fabulous red, and I loved how it looked four feet away.   Even so, "coloring between the lines" is simply not my forte.  And something so bright is not the training wheels I need, I think, no matter how much I want to rock them.  So we'll see what I do.  For those ladies out there that actually know how to use makeup, this one is a keeper.

Also--Monday's groceries for the week?  Four pints of blackberries and four pints of raspberries, $36.  The benefit to being on the meal plan is the extra money I can spend on berries. 

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Aimee said...

I'm crazy impressed by the staying power of this lipstick, and the amazing color. That was a fun outing!